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D2R: PDI-A14-5V1A (Pwm Driver Interface)

Product 3D CAD Drawings
Pwm Driver Interface

The pwm driver interface PDI-A14-5V1A is a push-pull pwm driver device with programmable two-channel PWM signal output. It has two signal outputs with equal frequencies whose frequency can be selected between 100 Hz – 1 MHz and pulse widths between 0% – 50.0%. With its high frequency resolution (0.1 Hz) and high duty cycle resolution (0.1%), it is designed for sensitive applications.

The supply voltage of the device is 5 volts. The high voltage level of the signal outputs is 5 volt and the peak sink/source current capacity is 1.5 ampere. Both outputs of the device are designed as Low-Side drivers. This provides flexibility in the choice of isolated half-bridge or full-bridge drive structures to be connected to the outputs of the device.

  • Frequency Band: 100 Hz – 1 MHz

  • Duty: 0% – 50.0%

  • Frequency Resolution: 0.1 Hz

  • Duty Cycle Resolution: 0.1%

  • Frequency and Duty Transitions.

  • and more...

Product Details:

Product Datasheet:

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