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D2R: ZCD-28PT835A (TRIAC Controller with Logic PWM)

TRIAC Controller with Logic PWM
Design to Reality of ZCD-28PT835A

Triac controller with isolated logic PWM. ZCD-28PT835A is a triac and two reverse parallel SCR driver with 85 ~ 285 VAC RMS input capability. Firing control is provided by the duty cycle ratio of the PWM signal supplied to the device. This feature makes the device suitable for digital control applications.

The device detects the moments when the AC signal applied as input does not create a potential difference (zero point) and allows these points to be monitored. ZCD-28PT835A, which has high immunity against negative factors such as noise, voltage fluctuations and instantaneous interruptions in the input signal, is not affected by signal deformations with a duration of up to 1.25 milliseconds. In addition, AC input, digital inputs/outputs and firing outputs are isolated from each other with galvanic isolators.

  • AC Voltage Input: 85~285 VAC RMS

  • Control with PWM

  • ZCD Adjustable Amplitude: 5V – 18V

  • and more...

Product Details:

Product Datasheet:


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