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Zero-Cross Detector Design to Reality

A zero cross detection circuit. 3D model.
Design to reality of zero cross detector

Zero cross detector design, ZCD-285VAC-18V6A is a voltage zero crossing detector with 85 ~ 285 VAC RMS input capability. It detects the moments when the AC voltage applied as input does not create a potential difference (zero point) and allows these points to be followed. The output supply is in the range of 5 – 18 VDC and the amplitude of the ZCD signal is the same as the output supply voltage. The ZCD signal has a peak current capacity of 6A and this feature allows it to be applied to the input of many circuit elements with high capacitive input characteristics at the same time.

ZCD-285VAC-18V6A, which has high immunity against negative factors such as noise, voltage fluctuations and instantaneous interruptions in the input signal, is not affected by signal deformations with a duration of up to 1.25 milliseconds. In addition, the inputs and outputs are isolated from each other with opto-isolators in accordance with UL, cUL, VDE and CQC safety standards.


  • 90 VAC — 285 VAC RMS signal.

  • 5V — 18V output supply.


  • 5V — 18V 6A(peak) PULSE or EDGE type signal that indicating zero crossing points.

Product Details:

Product Datasheet:


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