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Introducing Upcoming Product: PWM Controlled Dimmer Triac SCR Driver

PWM Controlled Dimmer Triac SCR Driver Design
PWM Controlled Dimmer Triac SCR Driver Design

Innovation never stops, and we're thrilled to unveil our next significant release: the ZCD-28PT835A, PWM Controlled Dimmer Triac SCR Driver. Designed with precision and your needs in mind, this dimmer card sets a new benchmark for PWM-controlled devices.

The ZCD-28PT835A operates impressively with an 85 ~ 285 Vac RMS input feature. What makes it stand out? Its ability to perceive the moments when the applied AC voltage doesn't make a potential difference (the zero points), which it then tracks and monitors seamlessly. Leveraging this understanding, it detects the duty ratio of the isolated PWM signal and triggers the triac drive output.

One of the primary concerns in any electronic product is its resilience against unexpected disturbances. The ZCD-28PT835A boasts a high immunity against common pitfalls like noise, voltage fluctuations, and momentary interruptions in the input signal. Signal deformations, which can derail many devices, have minimal impact on this dimmer card, ensuring consistency even with disruptions up to 1.25 milliseconds.

Safety is paramount, and the ZCD-28PT835A doesn't compromise. It guarantees both inputs and outputs are isolated with an OPTO-isolator, adhering to international safety standards including UL, CUL, VDE, and CQC.

Stay tuned as we gear up for the official launch. The ZCD-28PT835A is more than just a product; it's our commitment to quality, innovation, and your satisfaction.

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