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SPWM Technique: PDI-A15-5V1A & PDI-A15-MONITOR in Real-time Synergy

Sinusoidal, push-pull and inverted PWM generator and its tracking monitor.
PDI-A15 Spwm Driver and its monitor.

The dynamic and ever-changing demands of modern industry are directly related to accurate signal timing and sensitivity. The SPWM driver PDI-A15-5V1A is designed with a range of configuration options to meet signal conditioning requirements. However, producing the right signal is not enough; it's also critical to monitor these signals effectively. This is where the PDI-A15-MONITOR comes into play.

How Do PDI-A15-5V1A SPWM Driver and PDI-A15-MONITOR Work?

The SPWM driver PDI-A15-5V1A offers the user the option to program in Inverted, Push-Pull, or Sinusoidal configurations. With its superior frequency and duty cycle resolution, it is the ideal driver for industrial and consumer electronics applications.

Complementing this driver, the PDI-A15-MONITOR allows the user to monitor the signal parameters of the PDI-A15-5V1A in real-time. Thanks to its touchscreen interface, there is easy access to the data recorded in the PDI-A15-5V1A. These two devices communicate with each other via a 4-pin connection cable, allowing the user to quickly integrate and monitor the system.

Benefits of Using Them Together

  • Real-time Monitoring and Control: The PDI-A15-MONITOR displays data from the PDI-A15-5V1A instantly, giving the user full control over the system.

  • Quick and Easy Integration: The 4-pin connection cable ensures fast and seamless integration between these two devices.

  • Flexible and Adaptive Control: The PDI-A15-MONITOR allows users to track changes on the PDI-A15-5V1A in real-time, providing dynamic system monitoring.


The signal conditioning capabilities of the PDI-A15-5V1A, combined with the real-time monitoring capacity of the PDI-A15-MONITOR, offer a compelling solution for industrial and electronic applications. Using these two products together provides users with optimal performance, rapid response times, and a user-friendly interface.


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