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Upcoming Product - Sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) Driver Interface

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

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The upcoming product - sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) Driver Interface PDI-A15-5V1A is a PWM driver device with a programmable dual-channel signal output. Its output signal configurations can be programmed as push-pull, inverted, or sinusoidal. For the push-pull and inverted output configurations, it supports a frequency range of 100Hz to 1MHz and a duty cycle range from 0% to 100%. For the sinusoidal output, the frequency range is 1 Hz to 250 KHz with a duty cycle range of 0% to 120%. Designed for precision applications, it boasts high-frequency resolution (0.1 Hz) and high-duty cycle resolution (0.1%).

The device's supply voltage is 5 volts. Its signal outputs have a high voltage level of 5 volts and a maximum instantaneous current push-pull capacity of 1.5 amperes. Both outputs of the device are designed as Low-Side drivers. This offers flexibility in choosing the isolated half-bridge or full-bridge driver configurations to be connected to the device's outputs.

Key Features:

  • Push-Pull / Inverted / Sinusoidal Signal Output: 1 Hz – 1 MHz / 0% – 120%

  • High Precision: Frequency: 0.1 Hz and Duty Cycles: 0.1%

  • Frequency and Duty Transitions: Ramp / Sinusoidal / Exponential / Logarithmic. Programmable Transition Time: 0 – 600 s

  • High Instantaneous Current Capability: 1.5A

  • Limitable Signal Parameters.

  • Programmable Device Startup Routine.

  • SPI Communication: Up to 20 MHz

  • Selectable SPI Logic Levels: 1.8V – 5V

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